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Wholesale Used Appliances


Wholesale Appliances for Used Appliance Dealers and Furniture Stores.

Big Jon's Used Appliances is pleased to annouce our wholesale used appliance program. Every day, we have excess inventory from our suppliers and we offer these items for sale to used appliance dealers and furniture stores. These items are untested and are usually in good quality (the same items we would normally carry...but we are overstocked). In addition to untested items, we also offer tested 'no repair' items from our production room. These items are ones that we have tested and have determined that we are not going to fix the item. The most common cause for a 'no repair' item is that we did not have a used part in stock to fix the item (i.e. we did not have a used heating element for a dryer). All of these items can be fixed with basic parts. We do NOT sell our junk. Our items have not been stripped of any parts. If we decide to strip parts from a non-repair item we will  take that item to the scrap yard.

How it works.

1. You must have a valid business license outside the greater Indianpolis area to purchase our items wholesale. Please contact us for information.

2. When we have wholesale appliances, there will be a list of the items below. You can come to our location during regular business hours and see what we have.

3. Call 317-683-3091 to purchase any of the appliances. A credit card can be used (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) to purchase the items and a pickup date/time will be arranged or you can pay cash when you pick the items up.

4. Once you have purchased your items you load them onto your own vehicle. We do not provide delivery for wholesale dealers. Our wholesale facility loads at ground level.  

5. All items are sold AS IS and carry no warranty. Our items are on PAR with other wholesale recycle centers across the country that sell to used appliance stores.


We Currently Have No Wholesale Appliances Available.



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 "I just remodeled my house and I got all of my appliances from Big Jon's Used Appliances in Speedway. They have been great and look as good as brand new appliances. I saved over $1500 buying used at Big Jon's. I bought it on a Thursday and they delivered it for FREE the same day. I was impressed! Thanks."

"...I got a great discount by buying multiple items from Big Jon's Used Appliances... I bought a great washer and dryer set!"

 Top 5 Reasons To Buy Used

1. You save a ton of money

2. All come with a warranty

3. All appliances are tested

4. Look almost like new

5. Cheaper than repairing your  appliance 33