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Free Appliance Removal Indianapolis


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We are proud to offer free appliance removal in Indianapolis and the surrounding area.

Big Jon’s Used Appliances offers free removal of appliances for most of Marion and Hendricks counties and part of Hamilton County, regardless of who you buy your new ones from. We specialize in removing your old appliances and making sure it stays out of the landfills. Big Jon's Used Appliances will remove your appliance very professionally, bring it back to our warehouse, and refurbish it for resell.


How To Schedule a Free Pick Up

1. Call us at 317-683-3091

2. Confirm we service your area

3. Schedule a day/time for your free removal
4. Enjoy the convenience of not moving your own appliances!


Indianapolis' Used Appliance Store.

Big Jon's Used Appliances, LLC

3635 W. 16th  Indianapolis, IN 46222


Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30

Property Managers, Landlords, and Realtors use Big Jon's Used Appliances for appliances

Garage and beer refrigerators at Big Jon's Used Appliances

Free appliance removal in Indianapoliswith Big Jon's Use Appliances

Big Jon's Used Appliances & Repair in Indianapolis has a warranty on all appliances

Indianapolis Appliance Repair with Big Jon's Used Appliances



 "I just remodeled my house and I got all of my appliances from Big Jon's Used Appliances in Speedway. They have been great and look as good as brand new appliances. I saved over $1500 buying used at Big Jon's. I bought it on a Thursday and they delivered it for FREE the same day. I was impressed! Thanks."

"...I got a great discount by buying multiple items from Big Jon's Used Appliances... I bought a great washer and dryer set!"

 Top 5 Reasons To Buy Used

1. You save a ton of money

2. All come with a warranty

3. All appliances are tested

4. Look almost like new

5. Cheaper than repairing your  appliance 33