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We carry a wide array of electric stoves ranging from basic coil stoves to advanced flattop stoves with warmers and griddle plates. If you are a landlord or property manager, we have special programs designed for your next stove need. If you are looking to upgrade your current stove or replace a broken one, Big Jon's Used Appliances in Indianapolis has the stove for you. 



used gas stove in Indianapolis, INBasic gas/electric stoves

Typically 15+ years old



These stoves do not have digital displays or controls. Our basic electric stoves have coil burners and generally will have ‘dings and scratches' and will show signs of wear. Gas stoves might have a pilot



quality white frigidaire used electric stove at Big Jons Used Appliances in IndianapolisStandard gas/electric stoves

Typically 7-15 years old


Stoves can have a basic digital clock display and are in better physical shape than the basic stoves. Electric stoves have four coil burners. Gas stoves have an
electric ignition.

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used GE gas stove at Big Jons Used Appliances in IndianapolisDeluxe gas/electric stoves

Typically 1-7 years old



Deluxe stoves include advanced
digital controls, show minimal
blemishes and are in excellent shape.
Available in coil burners or glass top.
Gas stoves have electric ignition.




Electric Stoves - requires 220V cord (either a big gray or black cord)

We test several items on our used electric stoves that ensure a satisfied customer. We turn on all the top burners and make sure that the coils get red with maximum heat. This is important because some stoves will take a long time to get red hot and some never do. If this happens, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to boil water on your stove. At Big Jon's Used Appliances, LLC, in Indianapolis, we ensure that all your heating coils are red hot and that they cool down when you turn the temperature down.

In addition to testing the coil burners on your "new" used electric stove, we will turn on the oven and make sure that it pre-heats and reaches the desired temperature. When this happens, we test the broil element and make sure that the element gets red hot, just like the coils on the stove. This is important to ensure that your heating elements, bake elements, and thermostat knobs are working correctly.

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 Top 5 Reasons To Buy Used

1. You save a ton of money

2. All come with a warranty

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4. Look almost like new

5. Cheaper than repairing your  appliance